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Microbial Reduction of Iron

    We have recently studied the mechanism of electron transfer to insoluble Fe(III) oxides, and the impact of such transformations in a range of environments, including freshwater, marine, brackish, acid mine drainage and high pH sediments. Current projects also focus on the molecular scale interactions between Fe(III)-reducing bacteria and iron oxide surfaces. We also have an interest in the biotechnological potential of biogenic Fe(II) minerals , and we have been partners in an EU Marie Curie BIOTRACS programme studying the biogeochemistry of trace metals, including Fe, in marine environments (with the Universities of Southampton, Bristol and Leeds) and are involved with the ESF “The Functionality of Iron Minerals in Environmental Processes (FIMIN)” programme.

Recent Publications

Coker, V.S., Bennett, J., Cutting, R.S., Charnock, J.M., van der Laan, G., Vaughan, D.J., Wood, J., Shannon, I., Pattrick, RAD, Pearce, C.I., Telling, N., Arenholz, E., Lloyd, J.R. (2010)  Microbial engineering of nanoheterostructures: Biological synthesis of a novel magnetically-recoverable palladium nanocatalyst .  ACS Nano 4 2577-2584

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