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Biotechnological Potential of Nanobiomaterials

    Anaerobic bacteria are able to precipitate a range of novel nano-scale biominerals with considerable commercial potential. With BBSRC, EPSRC, BGS and EU support, we are working on coupling the remediation of contaminated land and water with the biological formation of a range of novel biominerals, with interesting and unique semiconducting, magnetic and catalytic properties. Examples studied in Manchester include the biological synthesis of chalcogenide semiconducting quantum dots and ferrite spinels such as biomagnetite (Fe3O4) and associated mineral structures. These materials are studied using a variety of techniques including HR-TEM, (E)SEM, and several synchrotron based techniques such as XANES, EXAFS and XMCD at facilities including the Advanced Light Source, California (ALS), the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France (ESRF) and the Diamond Light Source, UK (DLS). These biominerals have the potential to be made cheaply from waste materials and could be used in a range of technologically advanced applications including medical equipment, catalysis (including bioremediation), frequency selective circuits, radio receiver antennae, microwave waveguides and other high-frequency devices. These microorganisms represent a novel, environmentally friendly approach to the manufacture of advanced materials for new technologies.

Recent Publications

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