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Geomicrobiology of Radioactive Waste

    With colleagues in the Centre for Radiochemistry Research and the Research Centre for Radwaste and Decommissioning and the National Nuclear Laboratory, we are studying the geomicrobiology of a wide range of radioactive wasteforms.  A significant focus has been on the biotransformations of a range of fission products and actinides, which have a dramatic impact on radionuclide mobility. Milestones include the first reports on the reduction of key actinides including Np(V) and the fission product Tc(VII), the development of the first bioprocess to treat Tc(VII)-contaminated water, the characterization of the full redox cycle of technetium and Np and the identification of pentavalent uranium as a key intermediate during the bioreduction of U(VI). Recent studies funded by NERC have focused on the mechanism of reduction of U, Np and Pu by a wide range of anaerobic prokaryotes, the biogeochemistry of depleted uranium, and novel biotechnological routes to remediating soils contaminated with Pu. We are also involved in a major EPSRC-funded project DIAMOND: Decommissioning, Immobilisation And Management Of Nuclear wastes for Disposal and a large NERC consortium “BIGRAD” focusing on the biogeochemistry of the alkali disturbed zone, which will develop around a radwaste geodisposal facility. 

Recent Publications

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