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Head of Research Group

Professor Jon Lloyd     

Research Staff

Chris Boothman        
Dr Victoria Coker
Dr Enoma Omoregie
Dr Athanasios Rizoulis

Research Students

James Byrne
Jon Fellowes 
Joanne Foulkes
Richard Kimber
Mathew Watts
Adam Williamson
Nicola Ashton
Fabian Escobedo Victor fabian.escobedovictor
Martha Jimenez Casteneda martha.jimenezcastaneda
Diana Kountcheva
Ashley Brown
Victoria Evans
Clare Thorpe

Current Undergraduate Students

    Undergraduate projects have not yet been assigned for this academic year.


Dr Andy Gault
Dr Harald Freiherr
von Canstein
Dr Farhana Islam
Dr Rebeca Alvarez
Dr Joyce McBeth
Richard Pederick
Dr Kim Handley
Dr Nicholas Law
Dr Laura Adams
Dr Jo Renshaw
Dr Gavin Lear
Dr Moritz Mueller
Dr Sergio Balzano
Dr Helen Rowland
Dr Mike Wilkins
Dr Majed Albokari
Dr Marina Hery
Dr Carolyn Pearce
Dr Sara Monteiro
Dr Claire Corkhill
Dr Andrea Geissler
Dr Hui Wang
Dr Jon Martlew


Prof Francis Livens
Prof Richard Pattrick
Prof David Vaughan
Prof Kath Morris
Dr Steve Boult
Dr Dave Polya
Dr Claire Robinson
Dr Paul Wincott
Alastair Bewsher               
Paul Lythgoe
Gary Martin
Dr Bart van Dongen
Dr Gareth Law
Dr Mark Redwood
Dr Richard Cutting